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Teamwork Makes a Dream Work

Collaboration is so important in occupational therapy practice that it has been listed as an AOTA Vision 2025 guidepost. In addition my belief in collaboration was that strong that I based an entire research proposal around it. I am curious as to how collaboration can improve universal design. Occupational therapists have knowledge of body functions, body structures, and health conditions. This knowledge can benefit any project that is seeking to improve function. For my research proposal I focused on occupational therapy and adaptive apparel design. My initial research discovered very little, and even less as it relates to occupational therapy practice. This makes me wonder if AOTA is thinking what I am thing, that more collaboration is a good thing, and that is why it made the list. If two professionals can come together and learn from each and that results in improved health outcomes, then everybody is satisfied. 

Based on my exposure to collaboration during my studies leads me to believe that a barrier to collaboration is a lack of understanding of the scope and value between the different professionals. I am not entirely sure how to address that on a large scale when there is not an evidence-base to go off of. For me personally, if I employ therapeutic use of self throughout the collaboration I am able to gain an understanding of each professionals value. 


Relevant artifacts: Research proposal

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